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Interested in Agri planning activity?
Our service is used by many other businesses interested in the agri sector to get alerts for specific topics such as milking parlour, slatted units, etc. Don't let your competitors get ahead. Each week you will receive an email alert with the latest new agri planning activity for your sales region. Business Accounts include additional features such as access to full commencement notices, keyword & area of interest (AOI) alerts, additional GIS/map options and much more. By signing up to as a business, you can let us do all the searching and you can focus your time on the work that matters... no more searching planning registers.

Business accounts are currently offered at just €39 +VAT per month, billed annually.
€39 * 12 months + VAT 23% = €575.64 per year.
This is a 50% reduction on the service list price so you now save €500 for the annual plan!