Improve your business efficiences with a professional Planning Information System

Businesses gain access to a suite of powerful tools and design features to help them work with Irish planning application data.

Pre-Planning Reports is the fastest and most comprehensive way to build pre-planning reports to assist with your projects and client work. It takes seconds to generate a customized report and this is available for all Council areas. Reports include a full history of nearby applications along with a "GIS Context" report that includes several themes:

  • GSI (Vulnerability, Bedrock & Aquifer)

  • Heritage (NIAH & Monuments)

  • Zoning Designations


  • Nearby Infrastructure (TII)

Pre-Planning Report Generator

Area of Interest Alerts

In some cases, you may require notifications for planning activity across a wider area. Some businesses may prefer countywide alerts, rather than a buffered distance around their office. The "Area of Interest" feature is ideal for this situation. All you need to do is select your preferred boundaries for a list then sit back and wait for relevant alerts. A list of pre-defined boundaries are available throughout Ireland, and map previews are available for each. Stored boundaries include: 

  • County / Council Boundary
  • Council Municipal Districts
  • Urban Settlement Areas (OSI/Census)
  • Dublin Postal Districts (D1, D2, D24, etc.)


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Keyword Filter Alerts

There are numerous planning applications added, updated or decided each week. Your business may only be interested in a small number of these applications or, in particular, a specified type of application. allows your business to store keywords that relate to your industry and you will get alerts for any applications where your keywords are mentioned in the development description of the planning file. For example, if you offer construction services then you can save keyword search for ''extension'', ''new build'' and other related terms of interest.

You can limit your keyword filter results to specific counties that represent your area of business (e.g. building contractors will only operatore in certain parts of the country, etc.).


Looks great on all your work devices is designed with all business users in mind, whether they are in the office or on the move. The website and mapping system is fully optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

It is also easy to navigate planning lists and all the other service features. An "endless scroll" approach is used to quickly display planning application lists, much like Twitter. This ensures you are fully engaged and it is easy to read through planning applications, whether you are on a PC, tablet or your smartphone.

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