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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

With, you can subscribe to be notified of any Irish planning applications that impact you. By outlining your preferred locations, we only send targeted alerts for any new, updated or decided applications. Our service ensures you will get a full heads up without you having to spend time trawling through any countywide lists or newspapers. There is no need for you to check back for updates, saving you lots of time - instead we send your alerts by email, app or SMS text message.

The service also includes an easy-to-use GIS/mapping system along with a wide variety of contextual information on planning applications across Ireland. Contextual data includes zoning designations, heritage, groundwater, conservation, property price register and other environmental information. The service is very easy to operate and help videos are available for all the main parts of the website.

What is a subscriber account?

A subscriber account is designed for any individual or sole trader that is interested in being notified about planning developments taking place in their local area. Until now, it was necessary to either (a) scan newspaper planning lists or (b) proactively search Council websites to learn what is happening around you. In some cases, by the time you learn of a nearby development it may be too late to react (e.g. lodge an objection or bid for work). sends you alerts as events unfold, meaning you get timely notice of the various planning updates that impact you. Subscriber accounts allow you to store up to five preferred alert locations. This may cover your home, office, a parent's house or anywhere else that interests you.

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Is this the same information I get from the Council planning lists?

No. Planning Lists are statutory requirements on the part of the Council and they are limited in what they include. Their life cycle is up as far as the decision and appeal status, while also includes the next step, i.e., commencement notice information.

Also, weekly planning lists are often split into a number of cumbersome PDF documents which can be hard to sift through. uses a smart filter approach so that it is quick to load results from any Council on a single page based on the application status. We have designed our Latest Notices feature to simplify this process and appar as an endless scroll like a Twitter or Facebook feed. You may notice it is designed as an interactive approach to the newspaper list with the big exception that you are in control of the information that is displayed at any given time using smart filters. Give it a try!

I applied for planning permission in the past. Are my personal details listed on this site?

No. does not store or process any personal information from any of the Irish planning registers. The data on this website is made available to us by the Dept. of Housing, Planning & Local Government as open data but it does not contain any applicant information. This level of detail is usually published on local authority websites and we link out to the relevant result pages for you to quickly check the applicant at source. This feature forms part of our overall GDPR strategy.

Who provides this service?

Pin Point Alerts Ltd developed in response to a huge number of requests to offer a professional planning alert service. We already offer other services to Councils, sports groups, schools, community text alert groups and private industry. Until now, it was difficult to offer a national planning alert service because the data was unavailable for a critical mass of Councils.

This all changed during 2018 when Dept. Housing Planning & Local Government made the planning registers available as open data and the data is now available to us under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. There are over 280,000 records in the open data and part of our role is to make that digestible for individuals and businesses. Hats off to the Dept. for making this available to us!

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What are the main benefits?

  1. This service saves you LOTS of time if you are interested in the planning process. We do all the sifting, searching and analysis on your behalf; you are only ever alerted if we find something that impacts you. Sign up, sit back and wait to be notified.
  2. A large part of the business sector relies on quality planning information as part of their operations. Businesses gain access to a suite of professional and advanced services that are geared towards many industry types. Our streamlined approach to business and planning increases efficiencies and offers your business a competitive advantage of knowing what's happening with planning before your competitors.
  3. Unlike some Council web planning services, is designed with mobile devices in mind. It reads well across all your devices, whether they be mobile, tablet or desktop.
  4. You may live near two Council boundaries where planning applications from both sides may impact you. We ignore council boundaries, so we send alerts for everything near to you from both sides of the fence. This saves you from having to keep an eye on two or more Council lists using traditional methods.

What is a business account?

Business accounts are designed for those who have a wider interest in the planning process, sometimes across many counties or parts of Ireland. offers a range of industry-specific tools to help with operational efficiencies as follows:

  1. A Pre-Planning Report Generator for anywhere in Ireland. Results include a localized planning history and a geographical context report that references zoning, heritage, conservation and other relevant mapped information.
  2. Register unlimited locations. This is suitable for businesses with multiple assets or offices across the country.
  3. Area of Interest Planning Alerts for businesses with an interest across a wider region (e.g. entire county, urban area). This is also useful for sales representatives that cover a number of locations.
  4. Keyword Planning Alerts for businesses with a specific interest in one business sector. if you are interested in selling services to wind farm owners then set up a "wind farm" keyword search for all of Ireland and we will keep you alerted of new applications as they are submitted.
  5. Commencement Notice Alerts for construction-focused businesses who are only interested in contacting potential clients when work has started on a new development. For example, if you provides services that are relevant at the end of a construction project then these alerts are ideal for you.

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What Council areas are covered?

Our advice is to check the coverage map and table to check how regularly your Council is providing updates. Data is based on an Open Data feed from Dept. of Housing Planning & Local Government. In some cases, Councils may not send updates at the level you require.

Can I search the various planning registers?

We are reinventing how you consume planning information updates. We do not believe traditional text searching is the way forward. In all cases will work with the most recent and nearest applications that impact you; this is how we search for you. As an alert service provider, everything revolves around the "now". There is little value in searching historical applications from an alerting perspective, however, older applications will appear on our Live Map feature. If you want to search for older planning applications based on file number or applicant, then maybe visit your Council website which should offer this capability.

Do you offer white-labelled or developer solutions?

Yes. If you are a local authority and you want a fresh ePlan application that works well across modern devices with a range of exciting features then get in touch. We have almost 20 years experience working with Irish local authorities and we have developed applications for iPlan/ePlan and Swift. We offer a cloned version of to Councils and the deployment can include some or all of the native features on this website, depending on the Council's preference.

Other white-labelled services and customized features (e.g. API) are avilable to all business sectors upon request.

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