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Subscriber Account

Choose this option if you are an individual and you just want to receive updates and alerts for your local area.

Sale:Now just €1.99 per month (was €3.99)

Business Account

Choose this option if you require planning alerts for business operations (sales leads, market analysis, competitor analysis, etc.)

Sale:Now just €39 per month (was €79)


Subscriber accounts are for individuals that want planning alerts for developments in the local area that may affect them. This plan is now just €1.99 per month paid annually, payable by card for instant access.

Business accounts gain access to a range of services and gain access to sales leads, competitor analysis services and more. This plan is now just €39 per month paid annually, payable by card for instant access.

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Are you sure you don't want to try it out? is a great way to keep on top of local planning developments. You can sign up to get premium alerts for any activity that may affect you. Save lots of time going through paper lists, Council websites and other sources of information. 

Individual  Business

Individuals: Stay informed about developments planned your area. It costs just €1.99 per month.
Businesses: Get sales leads for the next business opportunity delivered to your inbox. It costs just €39 per month.