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Affordable Plans for Individuals & Businesses

50% off for the first year

Individual Account
€59 per month 50% Off


per year
Was €59.99 per year (50% now off)

  •  Full Planning & GIS Details
  •  Register up to 5 Locations
  •  Weekly Email Alerts
  •  Link to Council Planning Files
7-day free trial (No card required)
Business Account
€79 per month 50% Off


per month, billed annually
Same as Subscriber Plan, plus:

  •  Alerts by County Boundary & Industry Keyword Filters
  •  Commencement Notice Alerts
  •  Register Unlimited Locations
  •  Email Support Service
Website Browsing


Basic viewer access

  •  No Signup Required
  •  Basic Planning Details
  •  Limited Planning Information
  •  Limited Mapping System
  •  No Alerts Issued (viewer only)

Individual accounts can avail of a 7-day free trial. Then, it's just €29.99 per year if you like what you see. You can get a free 7-day trial by signing up here (no card required)

Business accounts can pay using their card - it's just €39 per month + VAT, paid annually. Sign up here for instant access.

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Pricing Plan FAQ

How long does a subscription last?

New subscriptions are charged over a 12 month period. For Subscriber accounts, this means you will pay €29.99 per year.

Businesses pay €39 + VAT per month, billed annually. While it would be nice to charge on a monthly basis, it isn't practical from a billing and administrative point of view.

How do I cancel or close my account?

Each account type (free, paid subscriber and business) includes a self-service feature to close and permanently delete the account. This takes a few seconds to carry out. Once an account deletion is triggered it cannot be restored.

Will my local Council definitely send regular updates?

Our advice is to check the coverage table to check how regularly your Council is providing updates. Data is based on an Open Data feed from Dept. of Housing Planning & Local Government. In some cases Councils may not send updates at the level you require.

I see there is a 50% discount available for new accounts?

New subscriber and business accounts receive a 50% discount on their plan for the full first year. Renewals for year two and beyond are charged at the non-discounted rate. See the table above for list prices and 50% discounted amounts.

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If this data is available on Council websites then what exactly am I paying for?

You are mostly paying for convenience. offers a huge time saving experience if you have a regular interest in Irish planning applications. Sure, while this data is publicly available elsewhere (e.g. Council sites), it is sometimes difficult to digest, search and understand. Many Councils wil simply publish their data on their website whereas allows you to get notifications when something happens that impacts you. In other words, we do all the searching and filtering on your behalf and we get in touch when you need to know about a specific planning application and this is very convenient if you otherwise search planning registers each week.

Businesses are the primary paid user of and they sign up for a dedicated planning information service that comes with a variety of professional features (see the business page for details).

Can businesses claim back VAT?

Yes. VAT is charged at the standard rate and businesses can claim this back. Business account holders can provide their company information within their account profile to ensure their invoices are complete. Invoices can be exported & printed from within the account area for all account holders.