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  Unit 4 Kilkenny Retail and Business Park , Springhill , Co Kilkenny

Nov 16 2022

Application Received

Jan 18 2023

Further Info. Requested

Apr 26 2023

Further Info. Received

May 22 2023


May 23 2023

Decision Due

Jun 23 2023


Oct 19 2023

Commencement Notice

Nov 16 2023

Commencement Started

Jun 22 2028

Expiry (if required)
  • Submitted to Kilkenny County Council, 16 / 11 / 2022
  • Application Type: PERMISSION
  • Decision Text: CONDITIONAL
  • Decision Summary: Granted
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for the following: Alterations to existing retail unit to include Construction of New First floor Mezzanine retail space, internal alterations, provision of storage /stock room, internal lift, circulation & escape ... Signup to read full development description
An Bord Pleanála Information:
Creative Commons LicensePlanning Data is published by Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • Distance: Received: Decision: Development Address: Development Description:
    1.9km 14/06/2024 n/a The corner of Pennyfeather Lane and Pudding Lane, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny for development at the corner of Pennyfeather Lane and Pudding Lane, Kilkenny. The proposed site is within the City Centre Architectural Conservation Area and NIAH Ref No. KK019-026212 is within the application site. The development will consist of: (a) clearance works on a 0.059ha site including the demolition of the existing restaurant building; (b) the construction of a six-storey hotel with setback... login required. Details...
    2km 18/05/2024 n/a No. 1 Stephens St,, Kilkenny, R95 YFT9 to (a) construct a porch to front elevation, (b) construct a single storey extension to the rear of existing dwelling, (c) construct boundary wall to part of southern boundary and all associated site development works... login required. Details...
    1.9km 16/05/2024 n/a 47 Robertshill, Circular Road, Kilkenny to erect a gate on the back of my property onto an existing public roadway, at the minute there is no gateways to the rear of properties on the Robertshill estate adjoining the road, the estate to the rear of us has access from their properties... login required. Details...
    1.3km 29/04/2024 n/a 6 Ashleigh Court, College Road, Kilkenny, R95AP9T for (a) Demolition of existing garage and car port together with first floor accommodationover, boiler house and associated chimney. (b) Construction of proposed part 2 storey, partsingle storey extension to front, side and rear of existing dwelling plus all associated site works.... login required. Details...
    1.8km 17/04/2024 Conditional 3 Sion Hermitage, Sion Road, Kilkenny, R95Y0H1 to enclose the existing front porch to the front of our house with all associated site works located... login required. Details...
    2.2km 16/04/2024 Conditional Outrath,, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny, R95 P2EP for a garage / store and all associated site works... login required. Details...
    690m 09/04/2024 n/a Waterford Road, Kilkenny City, Co. Kilkenny for the proposed construction of 18no. dwelling units consisting of; 6 no. three bedroom terraced houses, a two-storey duplex block consisting of; 4no. one bedrooms units and 4no. two bedroom units, 4no. four bedroom terraced houses, new vehicle entrance off of Wate... login required. Details...
    2.9km 08/04/2024 REFUSED Baunreagh , Co Kilkenny of Planning Permission Ref P23/152 and P18/718... login required. Details...
    1.8km 27/03/2024 n/a Kilkenny Hibernian Hotel, 33 Patrick Street Lower/1 Ormonde Street, Kilkenny, R95WTK3 for alterations to the existing hotel building located in an Architectural Conservation Area. The development will consist of: (1) alterations at basement floor level to provide hotel administration offices and staff facilities in the former bar space; (2) alterations at ground floor level to convert the existing covered smoking area adjoining the bar for use as a coffee do... login required. Details...
    580m 22/03/2024 Conditional Oriel House, Outrath Road, Loughboy, Co. Kilkenny, R95FH63 for alterations to previously permitted Bin Store (Planning Reference No. 17/586) and Retention Planning Permission for A) Extension of front west boundary metal railing and plaster wall with piers to include 6.5m wide sliding v... login required. Details...
    640m 14/03/2024 CONDITIONAL 21 Cedarwood Avenue , Kilkenny , Co. Kilkenny to construct an extension to our dwelling house, consisting of a store, utility and bedroom, including all necessary site works... login required. Details...
    1.6km 04/03/2024 Conditional 65 Old Callan Road, Kilkenny, R95A9WY PERMISSION to retain 1. existing rear extension 2. existing side extension 3. existing attic conversion 4. existing detached garage and all associated site development works... login required. Details...
    580m 01/03/2024 Conditional Oriel House, Outrath Road, Loughboy, Co Kilkenny, R95FH63 for elevation changes to existing medical centre (as constructed) comprising of the addition of 3 No. windows from that previously granted under planning reference no. 17/586... login required. Details...
    1.8km 21/02/2024 CONDITIONAL KILKENNY & CARLOW EDUCATION AND TRAINING BOARD , LOWER NEW STREET , KILKENNY to demolish part of existing front wall to create a new pedestrian entrance along with all associated site and ancillary works... login required. Details...
    470m 21/02/2024 Conditional Lilac Lodge, Waterford Road, Kilkenny, R95 YKT6 for minor alterations to previous permitted works under Planning Ref No 23/60375. The works will entail the provision of a new stairwell structure to the rear North elevation of the property, for the provision of 2 no roof lights to the northern and southern roof areas, for extension of area to the southern side elevation by 4.5M2, for ... login required. Details...
    1.7km 05/02/2024 N/A Outrath , Kilkenny , Co. Kilkenny for the importation of 15,000 tonnes of fill material consisting of inert clean soils, stone, brick and concrete to create new ground levels to facilitate approved development granted under planning register number 21/915... login required. Details...
    1.4km 31/01/2024 Conditional No. 1 Nuncio Road, Kilkenny for (A) Provision of new vehicular entrance from public road (B) Associated works... login required. Details...
    1.7km 31/01/2024 Conditional The Old Presbyterian Church, Ormonde Road, Kilkenny for a change of use at first floor level from a beauty therapy and education facility to business office usage to include minor internal alterations at first floor level. Permission is also sought for the replacement of an existing wall plaque on the external façade to Ormond Road. The new r... login required. Details...
    2.6km 31/01/2024 N/A Drakelands Middle , Co. Kilkenny to retain (A) Single storey side and rear extensions (B) Single storey garage (C) 2 no. detached storage sheds (D) 1 no. single storey detached glass house, including all associated site works... login required. Details...
  • Geology & Groundwater
    Creative Commons LicenseContains Irish Public Sector Data (Geological Survey) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.

    • Category: Rkd
    • Description: Regionally Important Aquifer - Karstified (diffuse)

    • Unit Name: Ballyadams Formation
    • Description: Crinoidal wackestone/packstone limestone
    • Labels: CDBADM / BM

    • High ( H)

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