Granted  38 & 39 William Street , Limerick.


Dec 9th

Application Received


Feb 7th

  • Submitted to Limerick County Council, 09 / 12 / 2019
  • Application Type: RETENTION
  • Current Status: DECISION MADE
  • Decision Text: CONDITIONAL
  • Decision Summary: Granted
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Application Summary:
the change of use of part of the ground floor premises from retail use (pharmacy use) to use as a casino at No. 38 ... Signup to read full development description (no card required)
Creative Commons LicensePlanning Data is published by Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • Distance: Received: Decision: Development Address: Development Description:
    660m 27/01/2020 N/A No. 1 Pery Square , Limerick link corridor to rear of ground floor accommodation and minor alterations to external doors & windows and associated site works. No. 1 Pery Square is a protected structure ref no. 231 and is on the NIAH ref no. 21517182.... login required. Details...
    670m 09/01/2020 N/A 46 Nicholas St. , Limerick. construction of a first floor apartment over single storey part of existing retail unit and minor alteration to existing retail unit adjacent to a Protected Structure: Bourke House (Record of monuments and Places Ref. No. LI005 - 017003)... login required. Details...
    750m 02/01/2020 N/A 16 Kilmurry Court , Garryowen , Limerick. an extension to rear, bay window at front of dwelling with lean-to roof over which will extend across the front of the building, vehicle entrance gates, piers and off road parking area, internal layout changes, and all associated site works... login required. Details...
    830m 23/12/2019 N/A 13 Belfield Park , Ennis Road , Limerick the construction of a single storey extension to the side of the existing dwelling for use as a utility room... login required. Details...
    690m 20/12/2019 N/A No. 9 The Crescent , Limerick. the construction of a single storey extension to existing building (of circa 19.3 sq.m to incorporate entrance lobby, boiler room and storage space), metal balconies installation to main rooms on rear elevation and landscape garden design incorporating improvement ... login required. Details...
    70m 19/12/2019 N/A 37 Thomas St. , Limerick. demolition of existing two-storey building & attached gable wall front, construct new entrance gate & security fencing, erect new building mounted advertising sign and all associated site works... login required. Details...
    900m 17/12/2019 N/A Clare St. , Limerick. construction of a new 7,860sq.m post primary school to include six teaching blocks connected by a central circulation corridor, comprised of; (i) four two-storey blocks including general classrooms, specialist rooms, circulation areas, offices, plant room, dining hall and associated kitchen and storage areas, (ii) one four-storey block including specialist rooms, circulation areas, staff room and project storage, (iii) a sports hall including, fitness centre with associated changing and storage areas and ESB substation, (iv) a t... login required. Details...
    630m 13/12/2019 N/A No. 1 Clare St. , Limerick. demolition of existing derelict stores, construction of a new restaurant with takeaway facility with ancillary storage, roof garden, connection to existing shop, new elevation treatment to existing shop, proposed signage and associated site works... login required. Details...
    520m 12/12/2019 CONDITIONAL Bon Secours Hospital Limerick at Barrington's , George's Quay , Limerick. the erection of a three (3) sided entrance pillar sign 2250mm(h)x800mm(w)x800mm(w)x800mm(w). Bon Secours Hospital Limerick at Barrington's is a Protected Structure... login required. Details...
    790m 09/12/2019 CONDITIONAL Excel Centre , Glenlara House , Mount Kennett Place Limerick. the change of use of existing office area to day centre to include day centre containing meeting rooms, therapy rooms, activity rooms, kitchen/dining rooms, WC cubicles, accessible WC and ancillary spaces and all associated site works... login required. Details...
    190m 05/12/2019 N/A 1 Parnell St. , Limerick. a storage container for the storage of packaged goods and all associated site works... login required. Details...
    510m 27/11/2019 CONDITIONAL Gardens International Henry St. , Lower Glentworth St. and Post Office Lane , Limerick. the erection of signage and logo manifestation with all ancillary site works... login required. Details...
    140m 26/11/2019 CONDITIONAL The Cornstore , 19 Thomas St. , Limerick. the existing overhanging awning to the front of The Cornstore Restaurant... login required. Details...
    390m 21/11/2019 CONDITIONAL Colbert Station , Parnell Street , Limerick. Extension of Permission Ref: 14/1029: 1. Development of a new public plaza, taxi rank and car set down area to the front of the station, existing car park area will be removed, the existing derelict petrol station and Council Depot will be demolished. The new plaza in front of the station consists of a limestone paved area of 3,350 sqm together with feature lighting, landscaping, bench seating, bicycle parking and associated street furniture/fittings. A new ramped and stepped entrance will be formed to access the proposed new bus station. The proposed taxi rank and car set down consist of an area of 1275 sqm of paving with tree planting, benches, shelters, bins and bicycle parking. The existing large billboard advertising in three locations at present, a total of six 48 sheet boards are to be replaced with one new commuter type advertising panel, two six sheet panels and one LCD advertising screen. A new ESB substation and switch room are proposed to the rear of the existing Council Depot area of the site. 2. A new bus station is proposed to the Northern side of the existing train station building. The existing toilet block will be demolished. The new bus station is linked internally to the existing trai... login required. Details...
    730m 18/11/2019 CONDITIONAL 18 Flood St. , Killalee , Limerick. a single storey extension, external insulation to existing dwelling and all associated site works. Retention Permission is also sought for parking area to the front of dwelling house... login required. Details...
    820m 18/11/2019 N/A 48/49 Henry St. , Limerick. (1) division of windmill bar into 2 no. units comprising use of unit 1 at 48 Henry St. as a public house at ground and first floor levels; (2) use of unit no. 2 at 49 Henry St. as a café/coffee shop and (3) minor changes to external signage... login required. Details...
    580m 04/11/2019 N/A 'Lissadell House' , 8 Catherine Place , Limerick. the conversion of existing residential house into 8 no. studio apartments (2 no. basement level, 2 no. first floor level, 2 no. second floor level and 2 no. at third floor level). Conversion of existing ground floor area into 2 no. separate office (commercial) areas. The removal of existing 2 storey flat roofed extension (non-original) at rear and the construction of new five storey steel framed extension at rear including insulated wall panels and proprietary windows and including new entrance at ground level at rear (Hartstonge Mews). The removal of existing annex (adjacent to stairwell) at rear at first and second floor levels and replace with new steel framed structure at first & second floor levels and extended to include extension at third floor level at rear. New metal insulated wall panelling to external face of existing stairwell/annex at rear to include for stairwell/annex extension at third floor level. New 'A' roof (timber) with traditional slates to main building to replace existing [non-original] slate roof including new parapet gutters to front and rear. New conser... login required. Details...
    550m 25/10/2019 CONDITIONAL Bishop's Quay , Lower Cecil St. and Henry St. , Limerick. development consisting of revisions to the development permitted under Planning Register Reference Number 16/800 - An Bord Pleanala Reference PL 91.247888 (‘the parent permission’) comprising alterations to the permitted office block to reduce the building height fronting Lower Cecil Street and Bishop’s Quay from 15-storeys over 2 basement levels to 7-storeys over 2 basement levels, and increase the building height fronting Henry Street from 4-storeys to 5-storeys, resulting in a revised office space overall of 6,106 sq.m. approx, provision of plant room and plant enclosure at roof level, reconfiguration of the permitted ground floor level (Level 0), provide revised car parking layout, cycle parking layout and all ancillary genera... login required. Details...
    880m 25/10/2019 CONDITIONAL Athlunkard Boat Club , Athlunkard St. , Limerick. demolition of existing structure to rear of building and construction of lean-to single storey storage/training to side of building which is a Protected Structure RPS No. 314... login required. Details...
  • Geology & Groundwater
    Creative Commons LicenseContains Irish Public Sector Data (Geological Survey) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.

    • Category: Lm
    • Description: Locally Important Aquifer - Bedrock which is Generally Moderately Productive

    • Unit Name: Visean Limestones (undifferentiated)
    • Description: Undifferentiated limestone
    • Labels: CDVIS / VIS

    • High ( H)

    Planning & Development

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    National Parks & Wildlife (NPWS)
    Creative Commons LicenseNPWS Data is published by National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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    Heritage & Conservation
    Creative Commons LicenseMonument & NIAH Building Data is published by National Monuments Service, Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

    National Monuments:

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    National Monument Zones of Notification:

    Is this Planning Point is within a National Monument Zones of Notification? (Section 12 National Monuments Acts 1930 to 2004)

    • Zone ID:: R124598
    National Inventory of Architectural Heritage:

    NIAH Locations within 100m of the mapped planning point

    Name NIAH Ref # Rating / Period Original Use Current Use Protected Structure
    No Building Name 21518022 (Survey ID: SURV021) Regional, 1890 - 1910 post box Same as Original N/A
    Paddy Power 21518023 (Survey ID: SURV021) , 1810 - 1910 bank/financial institution shop/retail outlet N/A
    Surfers Internet Café 21518024 (Survey ID: SURV021) , 1820 - 1840 house shop/retail outlet N/A
    Steppe Flanagans 21518025 (Survey ID: SURV021) , 1820 - 1840 house public house N/A
    Allied Irish Bank 21518026 (Survey ID: SURV021) , 1900 - 1920 bank/financial institution Same as Original N/A
    Jim McCormack 21518027 (Survey ID: SURV021) , 1860 - 1880 shop/retail outlet N/A
    Eamonn P Clancy Turf Accountant 21518051 (Survey ID: SURV021) Regional, 1820 - 1870 house; shop/retail outlet N/A
    The Round House 21518055 (Survey ID: SURV021) Regional, 1770 - 1790 house public house N/A

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