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Referral Codes for Subscriber Accounts

Use a referral code to get two free subscription months

We are delighted to offer a referral scheme for all paid subscriber accounts. After you pay for your subscriber plan, you will receive a referral code for that you can share with friends and family. Each time someone uses your referral code you will receive an additional two-months onto your subscription plan. The person that uses your code will also receive two additional months onto their subscription. The more people you get to use your code, the longer your free period will extend!

Sign up for an individual account

How it works:

  1. Subscribe to a paid subscriber plan on Planning
  2. After you login to your paid plan, a 6-digit code will appear on top of the screen. You can easily share this code via WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Anyone that uses your referral code will trigger this promotion.
  4. We will email you when your referral code has been used

Use the code as often as you like:

Your referral code can be used as many times as possible. If 6 people sign up for a paid subscriber plan with your code then you get a full years' subscription absolutely free!  


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