Granted  O'Meara's Garage , Galway Road , Baylough/Bogganfin


Mar 16th

Application Received

Jul 2nd


Jul 28th

Appeal Submitted
  • Submitted to Westmeath County Council, 16 / 03 / 2020
  • Application Type: PERMISSION
  • Current Status: APPEALED
  • Decision Text: CONDITIONAL
  • Decision Summary: Granted
Decision Appealed:
  • Appeal Submitted: 28 / 07 / 2020
  • Appeal Decision: No Appeal Decision Available
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Application Summary:
Construction of a single storey discount foodstore (with ancillary off-licence sales), 2,172sqm gross floor space and a restaurant/coffee shop (248sqm); demolition of existing structures including 3 dwelling units; associated building mounted and freestanding advertisement and informational signage, relocated existing billboard sign to western boundary. Provision of surface car park spaces (inc. 2 electrical vehicle charging spaces); a vehicular access point off Galway Road, pedestrian access, boundary treatments; cycle parking spaces; integrated trolley bay enclosure next to the store entrance; hard & soft landscaping, ligh... Signup to read full development description (no card required)
Creative Commons LicensePlanning Data is published by Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • Distance: Received: Decision: Development Address: Development Description:
    1.3km 21/07/2020 N/A 53 St Francis Terrace , Athlone , Co Westmeath Construction of a porch to the front elevation and construction of an extension to the rear of existing dwelling house at first floor level with changes to layout of existing internal floor areas and all associated site works... login required. Details...
    2.9km 26/06/2020 N/A Barrybeg , Kiltoom , Athlone to construct single storey extension of 9.4sq.m. floor area consisting of ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe at the rear of dwelling at... login required. Details...
    60m 19/06/2020 N/A Baylough (Bellaugh)/Bogganfin , Galway Road , Athlone Construction of three townhouses (each 4 bedrooms over three floors similar to that permitted under Pa Ref: 18/7226) car parking and hard and soft landscaping and a new hammerhead turning area. The proposed housing is an extension of, and tie-in to the levels and access road associated with the housing development permitted under Pa Ref: 18/7226. This application includes al... login required. Details...
    1.3km 15/06/2020 CONDITIONAL Il Colosseo Restaurant , Northgate Street , Athlone Enclosure of existing balcony with a roof and glazed wall panels. Relocate existing sign to front of same... login required. Details...
    1.6km 09/06/2020 CONDITIONAL Office 2 First Floor , Arcadia Plaza , Arcadia Athlone Retail Park Change of use of Office 2 (433sqm) at First Floor, Arcadia Plaza, from permitted use of hairdressing training accommodation with associated offices and studio, to offices for the provision of information on p... login required. Details...
    1.8km 21/05/2020 CONDITIONAL Ballymahon Road , Athlone , Co Westmeath Widening of the existing vehicular entrance. The application will also include alterations to the boundary wall, erection of gates, and all associated landscaping works... login required. Details...
    2km 30/04/2020 CONDITIONAL St Hilda's Special School , Grace Park Road , Athlone Two single-storey extension areas, total floor area 371sqm as follows: construction of single-storey 319sqm extension to south east side of existing school to include two general purpose classrooms, staff room & stores, make internal changes to existing building to include toilets, storage & la... login required. Details...
    1.1km 24/04/2020 CONDITIONAL The former St Aloysius School , Old House Building , Deerpark Road Retention of the removal of the Harry Clark Studios stained glass from the Old House Building in the former school, St Aloysius College, Athlone, Co Westmeath, which is a protected structure, RPS No.035. (It is proposed to install it into t... login required. Details...
    1.1km 16/04/2020 REFUSED Unit 11 12 Pearse Court , Pearse Street , Athlone Change of use of existing retail unit 11 and 12 at street level granted under planning reference 96/813476 to two number residential one bed apartments. Alterations to front façade. New single entrance door and two new windows replacing existing doors to the rear of proposed apartments.... login required. Details...
    1.5km 08/04/2020 CONDITIONAL 1 Cushla Village , Monksland , Athlone to construct a single storey side extension to existing dwelling house comprising one bedroom with walk in wardrobe and disabled access ensuite at... login required. Details...
    1.3km 03/04/2020 N/A 6 Northgate Street , Athlone Retention of (I) Change of use from previously granted off-licence to a pizzeria; pizzeria includes off-licence sales (area for display of alcohol circa 1.3sqm) for consumption off the premises (II) associated free standing signage and signage to west and south elevation (III)... login required. Details...
    1.1km 03/04/2020 N/A Abbey House , Coosan Road , Athlone Construct 1) A new rear and side extension to an existing house (a Protected Structure RPS No.087, NIAH no15004033); 2) internal and external alterations to the existing house; 3) new connection to the public sewer via a new pumping station with the decommi... login required. Details...
    1.6km 26/03/2020 CONDITIONAL 11 Sean Costello Street , Athlone Change of use of the property from office to retail... login required. Details...
    1.2km 16/03/2020 N/A 5 Main Street , Athlone Retention permission to regularise and retain works carried out at the premises to include changes to ground floor plan. Also permission to develop the ground floor retail as café-takeaway including change of sh... login required. Details...
    1.6km 12/03/2020 CONDITIONAL Ravensdale , 9 Auburn Drive , Athlone Planning permission to carry out the following works to our existing dwelling: 1) Demolish existing rear extension 2) Construct a side extension 3) Alterations to existing front elevation and Permission to Retain converted attic space to one-bedroom granny flat and all associated site works... login required. Details...
    1.9km 11/02/2020 CONDITIONAL St Hilda's Services , Grace Park Road , Athlone The removal of a temporary office cabin and the provision of a new office building and ancillary site works. The office building will include eight offices, boardroom and support facilities. The existing entrance to the facility will not be affected by these works.... login required. Details...
    1.8km 10/02/2020 CONDITIONAL Arcadia , Athlone Split site and construct a single storey dwelling house and all associated site works to the south of site... login required. Details...
    150m 29/01/2020 N/A Bellaugh (Baylough) , Galway Road , Athlone Construction of a proposed residential development. Permission is being sought to demolish two existing dwellings and an unused lounge bar with off licence and associated buildings formerly known as "Wards Bar & Lounge" and construct 20 three-b... login required. Details...
    330m 29/01/2020 N/A The Grove , Old Galway Road , Baylough Permission for use of the existing premises as End of Life Vehicle Recycling Unit to include dismantling, de-polluting, storage of End of Life vehicles and sale of recovered materials and spare parts; permission is also sought for boundary treatm... login required. Details...
  • Geology & Groundwater
    Creative Commons LicenseContains Irish Public Sector Data (Geological Survey) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.

    • Category: Ll
    • Description: Locally Important Aquifer - Bedrock which is Moderately Productive only in Local Zones

    • Unit Name: Waulsortian Limestones
    • Description: Massive unbedded lime-mudstone
    • Labels: CDWAUL / WA

    • Moderate ( M)

    Planning & Development

    Creative Commons LicenseZoning Data is published by Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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    National Parks & Wildlife (NPWS)
    Creative Commons LicenseNPWS Data is published by National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

    Special Area of Conservation:
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    Special Protection Areas:
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    Natural Heritage Areas:
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    Proposed Natural Heritage Areas:
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    Heritage & Conservation
    Creative Commons LicenseMonument & NIAH Building Data is published by National Monuments Service, Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

    National Monuments:

    National Monuments within 100m of the mapped planning point

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    National Monument Zones of Notification:

    Is this Planning Point is within a National Monument Zones of Notification? (Section 12 National Monuments Acts 1930 to 2004)

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    National Inventory of Architectural Heritage:

    NIAH Locations within 100m of the mapped planning point

    Name NIAH Ref # Rating / Period Original Use Current Use Protected Structure
    No Building Name 15001069 (Survey ID: SURV011) Regional, 1930 - 1950 post box Same as Original Yes
    No Building Name 15003065 (Survey ID: SURV011) Regional, 1855 - 1865 building misc Same as Original Yes

    Roads & Infrastructure

    National Roads & Motorways within 500m of mapped planning point

    National Roads (N) and Motorways (M):
    • M/N06
    • ,
    • M/N61

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