Refused  Units 14A & 14B, Greenogue Industrial Estate, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin


Jul 17th

Application Received

Sep 10th

Application under appeal

Oct 4th

Appeal Submitted
  • Submitted to South Dublin County Council, 17 / 07 / 2019
  • Application Type: Permission
  • Current Status: Application under appeal
  • Decision Text: REFUSE PERMISSION
  • Decision Summary: Refused
Decision Appealed:
  • Appeal Submitted: 04 / 10 / 2019
  • Appeal Decision: No Appeal Decision Available
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Application Summary:
Amalgamation of Units 14A and 14B to create a single waste processing facility as follows: (1) demolition of a 60m long by 6m high internal wall, single storey site office and store and the removal of 3 portacabin offices; (2) change of use from timber recycling to hazardous waste processing and construction of a new hazardous waste processing Building A (1,831sq.m) with a 14.58 ridge height all at Unit 14A; (3) processing of hazardous waste within existing waste processing Building B and the construction of an extension (1,000sq.m) with a 14.60m ridge height to Building B; new two storey offices (288sq.m) with a 8.5m ridge height; new weighbridge and weighbridge office (40sq.m) and alterations to existing site layout to provide 25 car parking spaces, 4 truck parking spaces and 24 bicycle stands all at Unit 14B; (4) new internal circulation road and the relocation of existing weighbridge; new weighbridge; alterations to the surface water drainage systems; (5) installation of an aqueous waste treatment plant in the new waste processing Building A; (6) installation... Signup to read full development description (no card required)
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  • Distance: Received: Decision: Development Address: Development Description:
    410m 20/05/2020 N/A Site 527 & 528, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Minor alterations to the existing warehouse building including a new canopy to the south; three new level access doors on the south elevation and external waste platform; provision of hardstanding and use of the south of the site for operational pa... login required. Details...
    1.9km 20/05/2020 N/A Main Street, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Provision of a temporary primary school by way of construction of 2 No. prefabricated buildings (c 180sq.m & 390sq.m) on a defined site area (c 0.4Ha) to be enclosed within a 2meters high welded mesh fencing and... login required. Details...
    2.4km 30/04/2020 N/A Newcastle Golf Centre, Peamount Lane, Newcastle, Co. Dublin. Retention of 15 metre high telecommunications support structure carrying telecommunications equipment, together with existing equipment container and associated equipment within a fenced compound as prev... login required. Details...
    2km 20/03/2020 N/A Scoil Chronain National School, Rathcoole, Co Dublin Temporary single storey prefabricated building to be linked to the existing single storey prefabricated building granted under Ref. SD19A/0075; 2 general classrooms each with toilet accommodation (one containing accessible WC... login required. Details...
    2.2km 20/03/2020 N/A Unit F1, Clonlara Road, Baldonnell Business Park, Baldonnell, Dublin 12 Extend office use into warehouse area at ground and first floor to provide for office at first floor and canteen and toilets at ground floor.... login required. Details...
    2.4km 16/03/2020 REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Moneenalion Commons Upper TD, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 Proposed agricultural storage shed... login required. Details...
    2.6km 16/03/2020 N/A Citywest Hotel, Convention Centre, Saggart, Co Dublin Provision of public concert use at the Convention Centre.... login required. Details...
    740m 10/03/2020 GRANT PERMISSION 119, Aylmer Road, Newcastle, Co. Dublin Single storey extension to front, east side and rear comprising a family flat; one and two storey dormer style extension to side and rear, incorporating dormer windows to front and rear; 2 rooflights to existing front roof.... login required. Details...
    1.1km 09/03/2020 GRANT PERMISSION College Lane, Greenogue, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Provision of a warehouse unit with ancillary three storey office and staff facilities and associated development; the building will have a maximum height of 23.7m with a gross floor area of 13,959sq.m including a warehouse area (12,369sq.m); staff facilities (548sq.m) and ancillary office area (1,042sq.m); provision of one new vehicular access/egress point at the northern corner of the subject site and one HGV access/egress point at the southern corner of the subject sit... login required. Details...
    930m 04/03/2020 N/A Unit K2, Jordanstown Way, Aerodrome Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Extensions to front of existing warehouse to include single storey infill enclosure over existing loading bay ramp (floor area to be 44.12sq.m with height to top of parapet of 6.2m above ground level); new single storey goods-in inspe... login required. Details...
    1.4km 02/03/2020 GRANT EXTENSION OF DURATION OF PERMISSION Ballynakelly & Rathcreedon, Newcastle, Co. Dublin. Revisions to granted planning permission Reg. Ref. SD06A/0659 (as extended by Reg. Ref. SD06A/0659/EP for a 255 bedroom hotel in a new landmark building consisting of sub-basement and basement, ground floor and five upper floors (with a total hotel development gross floor space of approximately 28,476sq.m.); 680 underground car parking spaces; 5 coach spaces; 50 bicycle spaces; a new 9m wide vehicular, cycleway and pedestrian access approximately 900m in length from a new roundabout on the Newcastle Road (R120) in vicinity of Newcastle Manor housing estate; fire tender access road and site development and landscaping works; revisions to the permitted hotel development (which is partially constructed) will comprise construction of a retirement village in the permitted hotel grounds which will consist of: 69 individual 3 bedroom single storey retirement homes, ranging in size from 112sq.m. to 164.1sq.m; a single storey medical/health centre (146.7sq.m); a two storey community services centre (844.3sq.m); an outdoor recreation and allotment area with an associated recreation equipment store (245sq.m.) and allotment equipment store (22.8sq.m.); a nursing home/care centre to be located within the permitted hotel building necessitating a change of use of part of the hotel's accommodation block (1,653.7sq.m. at ground floor and 2,351.5sq.m. at first floor) from ... login required. Details...
    2.4km 28/02/2020 N/A Within the townland of Milltown, located to the north of Peamount Road (R120), Newcastle, Co. Dublin Demolition of the existing single storey house of 'Little Acre' and its associated garage and other buildings; demolition of the single storey stable building on the overall site; construction of a gas powered Power Plant with all its associated elements; the part single and part two storey property of Bulmer and an agricultural building to the east of the overall site will not be demolished; The Power Plant compound of 14,475sq.m will contain 2 Power Units each with 1 25m height stack (2 overall), transformers, air intakes and electrical modules; the Power Plant compound will also contain a two storey administration and workshop building (427sq.m) and LV switchgear building (140sq.m) (567sq.m in total) plus an AGI connection, gas compressor, water tank, water treatment, firewater tank and pumps, fuel skids, fuel tank and 1 emergency diesel generator; the p... login required. Details...
    2.4km 27/02/2020 GRANT PERMISSION Milltown Cross, Nangor Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 3 new buildings. Block A: two storey with six industrial and office units; Block B: two storey with one industrial and office unit; Block C: three storey with ground floor café and of... login required. Details...
    1.4km 11/02/2020 GRANT PERMISSION Main Street, Newcastle, Co. Dublin Demolition of 3 existing structures on site (total c.226sq.m) comprising of 1 habitable house and 2 associated outbuildings/sheds (permitted under Ref. ABP-305343-19), and the construction of 1 double storey (c.9.2m overall height) retail development in the form of a convenience supermarket (GFA c.1,759sq.m); 1 two storey mixed-use building (c.10.7m overall height) comprising of a café (c.225sq.m) at ground floor and a community centre at the first floor (c.140sq.m) with associated ground floor access (total GFA c.468sq.m); an ESB sub-station (c.22sq.m); the anchor supermarket unit will provide for a net retail sales area of c.1,222sq.m; a warehouse of c.200sq.m; welfare area of c.190sq.m including ancillary office accommodation; a delivery and loading dock; service yard; customer lobby and wc and entran... login required. Details...
    2.6km 05/02/2020 INVALID - SITE NOTICE Citywest Hotel & Convention Centre, Saggart, Co. Dublin Provision of public concert use at the Convention Centre.... login required. Details...
    900m 30/01/2020 GRANT PERMISSION Ayrfield House, Tay Lane, Rathcreedan, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Single storey extension to the left hand side; extension to the front at ground and first floor level in order to straighten the front building line; addition of a two storey extension to the front which will act as a porch at ground floor level and a bathroom at first floor level; to face the central portion of the front elevation in natural stone over its full height; extend the existing garage on the right hand ... login required. Details...
    2.4km 24/01/2020 GRANT PERMISSION & GRANT RETENTION Unit A5, Clonlara Avenue, Baldonnell Business Park, Baldonnell, Dublin 22 Retain existing mezzanine storage floor as installed at first floor level; Permission to convert part of the first floor mezzanine storage floor to office space and install new windows to both the east (side) and the south (rear) elevations at first floor level.... login required. Details...
    2.5km 22/01/2020 GRANT PERMISSION & GRANT RETENTION Tootenhill, Rathcoole, Co Dublin Retention of a single storey electrical kiosk used to house electric panels for cabling and a reconfigured car parking layout (from that permitted under Reg. Ref. SD16A/0280) confined to the area at the front of the service station building and west of the f... login required. Details...
    1.2km 10/01/2020 GRANT PERMISSION Plot 5, Aylmer Heath, Newcastle, Co. Dublin 1 two bedroom, single storey detached dwelling with floor area of 81.6sq.m. The application is made in accordance with Condition No. 2 of An Bord Pleanala's decision in respect of a residential development incl... login required. Details...
    2.3km 20/12/2019 GRANT PERMISSION Golf Suites Hotel, Unit G05, Garters Lane, Citywest, Saggart, Co. Dublin Change of use from aparthotel to restaurant, together with external signage and all associated site works.... login required. Details...
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