Granted  IDA Business & Technology ParkMonivea RoadMervueGalway


May 23rd

Application Received

Jul 17th

Application Finalised
  • Submitted to Galway City Council, 23 / 05 / 2019
  • Application Type: PERMISSION
  • Current Status: Application Finalised
  • Decision Text: Granted (Conditional)
  • Decision Summary: Granted
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Application Summary:
Planning permission for access road upgrade works and internal siteworks. The development will consists of: The realignment of kerb lines at the existing access junction to accommodate the provision of 2 exit lanes; adjustment of the existing southwestern boundary wall to accommodate a widene... Signup to read full development description (no card required)
Creative Commons LicensePlanning Data is published by Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • Distance: Received: Decision: Development Address: Development Description:
    440m 11/12/2019 n/a 39 Wellpark GroveGalway Permission is sought to retain the following (a) Front porch (b) Single storey rear extension (c) Ground floor window to east side of dwelling (d) rear garden shed... login required. Details...
    640m 03/12/2019 n/a The G HotelDublin RoadGalway Retention Permission for the development which will consist of a private commercial well which serves non-potable water applications ... login required. Details...
    2.5km 28/11/2019 N/A Ballygaurran , for development at Twomileditch quarry. The development will consist of an aggregate storage shed (area 980m2) on a 0.098 hectare site within the existing quarry landholding. Gross floor space of proposed works: 980 sqm... login required. Details...
    410m 25/11/2019 n/a Lyrr3 BuildingIDA Buisness & Technology ParkMervueGalway Application for planning permission for the following: Installation of a new external utility access stairs from third floor balcony level to roof level... login required. Details...
    3km 14/11/2019 N/A Brockagh , for the development of a pedestrian entrance to be constructed in the boundary wall between Parkmore East Business & Technology Park and Parkmore Road, Galway. The development will consist of a new, security controlled pedestrian access gate, approach railings, and a new pedestrian path... login required. Details...
    640m 01/11/2019 Granted (Conditional) Galwegians RFCCrowley ParkGleninaDublin Road, Galway Planning permission to install 6 no. antennas, 1 no. dish and 6 no. RRU's on an existing 18.6m (to top of floodlights) high floodlight pole together with cabinets and all associated site development works ... login required. Details...
    450m 30/10/2019 Granted (Conditional) 10 Glenanail DriveRiversideGalway Permission to retain the sloping concrete tile roof instead of original flat membrane which was constructed under Planning Reference No. 300/69... login required. Details...
    910m 22/10/2019 Granted (Conditional) Ballybane Industrial EstateBothar na MineGalway Permission for Development which will consist of a change of use of the property to a warehouse with ancillary trade counters (for the sale of building related products principally to trade): external changes including the conversion of the current staff entrance ... login required. Details...
    260m 04/10/2019 Granted (Conditional) 17 Pearse AvenueMervueGalway Permission for the provision of a two- storey extension to the rear elevation of the dwelling with an attached roofed open decking area plus additional windows to the existing gable elevation... login required. Details...
    760m 01/10/2019 Granted (Conditional) 78 Renmore ParkGalway Permission for development which will consist of (1) Construction of a single storey extension to the front of existing dwelling (2) First floor extension to side of existing d... login required. Details...
    850m 25/09/2019 Granted (Conditional) 90 Renmore ParkGalway Full planning permission sought for an extension to her existing dwelling and all associated facilities ... login required. Details...
    640m 05/09/2019 Granted (Conditional) G Hotel Dublin RoadGalway Planning permission for external alterations. The proposed development consists of external alterations to the external fabric of the building to incorporate 3 no. widows on the southern elevation of the building as well as all associated works... login required. Details...
    530m 22/07/2019 Granted (Conditional) Carpet & Rug CentreLiosban Industrial EstateTuam RoadGalway Permission is sought to make alterations to a existing shop front sign ... login required. Details...
    400m 18/07/2019 Granted (Conditional) Galway Primary CareHarrmack HouseIndustrial Development Agency Small Business CentreTuam Road, Galway Permission for the development which will consist of (a) construction of a single storey pharmacy retail unit (b) installation of a temporary modular MRI building unit to be contained in an enclosure (c) additional car parking spaces and (d) all associated building works and site works ... login required. Details...
    810m 28/06/2019 Granted (Conditional) 37 Glenina HeightsDublin RdGalway Full planning permission for conversion of garage to habitable space, replacement of all windows with elevational revisions and roof skylights ... login required. Details...
    810m 25/06/2019 Granted (Conditional) Block 3Galway Financial Services CentreMoneenageisha RoadGalway Planning permission for new signage. The development will consist of the erection of a new sign on the front elevation of the building. ... login required. Details...
    290m 14/06/2019 Granted (Conditional) 30 Pearse AvenueMervueGalway Permission for extension / alterations to existing dwelling house to include part single storey and part 2 story extension to rear along with all ancillary site works and site services ... login required. Details...
    740m 30/05/2019 Granted (Conditional) No. 1 Barr AilleGlenburren ParkGlenanailGalway Permission is sought for the provision of a Single Storey extension to the side elevation of their dwelling... login required. Details...
    130m 24/05/2019 Granted (Conditional) Galway Technology CentreMervue Business ParkWellpark RoadGalway Planning permission to extend their existing offices to the rear of their building. The proposed development consist of additional office accommodation, meeting rooms and ancillary rooms with a proposed 4- storey connecting the extension to the existing building. The deve... login required. Details...
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