Unknown Status  Webworks , Eglinton Street , Cork


Jun 20th

Application Received

Jan 1st

Application Withdrawn


  • Submitted to Cork City Council, 20 / 06 / 2018
  • Application Type: PERMISSION
  • Current Status: WITHDRAWN
  • Decision Text: N/A
  • Decision Summary: Unknown Status
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Application Summary:
permission for 1 no. external sign onto the existing western façade at first floor level of the Webworks buildi... Signup to read full development description (no card required)
Creative Commons LicensePlanning Data is published by Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • Distance: Received: Decision: Development Address: Development Description:
    760m 11/10/2019 N/A 39 Sidney Park , Wellington Road , Cork Permission for retention of this site at No.39 Sidney Park, Wellington Road, Cork. The development will consist of 1) Single storey extension to side elevation of existing dwelling house, increasing... login required. Details...
    520m 11/10/2019 N/A "Greenhill" , Boreenmanna Road , Cork Permission for a) Elevation alterations to an existing two storey dwelling house including new windows, roof lights and PV panel, internal alterations, alteration and ... login required. Details...
    790m 11/10/2019 N/A Deep South , 51 Grand Parade , Cork City Permission for 1. Temporary planning permission for a beer garden for a period of three years in a area previously granted planning permission number 13/35857 2. Retention and Temporary Planning Permission for a 3 ears period ... login required. Details...
    970m 10/10/2019 N/A 20-21 Kyle Street , Cork City Permission...for the construction of an infill development consisting of ten one-bedroom residential apartments above a flexible commercial unit (as encouraged by the Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021, Article 13.23 which extends to uses such as bars... login required. Details...
    830m 09/10/2019 N/A 8 Victoria Avenue , Ballintemple , Cork Permission for alterations to dwelling house consisting of a rear ground floor and part first floor extension, elevational changes, extension to second floor dormer roofs front and rear along with associated site works.... login required. Details...
    380m 09/10/2019 N/A 7B South Terrace Court , South Terrace , Cork Permission for the retention of the change of use of a ground floor commercial unit to a one bedroom apartment at a mixed use building.... login required. Details...
    470m 03/10/2019 N/A Rockhurst , Victoria Road , Cork City Permission... for demolition of existing single storey and two storey extension to rear of existing semi detached three storey dwelling, construction of a new single s... login required. Details...
    360m 01/10/2019 N/A Former Moore's Hotel site including: , 9-14 Morrisons Quay 5-5A Fitton Street , 1 Keeffe Street and adjoining lands backing onto Permission... for the demolition of c.2116.76 sqm of existing buildings. The conservation, modification and restoration of the 3 nos. protected structures, no. 11, 12 and 13 Morrisons Quay to accommodate 3 new own door office buildings (measuring c.1093.9sqm). To the north, south and west of the 3 protected structures a new build 4 to 6 storey mixed use development comprising office and hotel development is proposed containing 183 hotel bedrooms, seating areas, and ancillary restaurant, public bar, kitchen, hotel areas/offices, associated staff areas, changing/shower rooms, toilets, stores, bin and bicycle stores, stair/lift cores and circulation throughout along with a courtyard at ground l... login required. Details...
    280m 25/09/2019 N/A Block A Student Accomodation , Copley Court , Copley Street Permission for retention of modifications, as constructed, to the student accommodation development permitted under Cork City Council planning register ref T.P. 16/37131 and all associated site works. These modifications comprise: a) Retention of modifications to ground floor layout permitted under T.P. 16/37131 (i) the reduction in size of Common Room A from 325 sqm to 245.6 sqm and the provision of a new entrance corridor and reception area; and (ii) the replacement of the permitted staff office, meeting rooms and reception area with an additional Common Room B of 119 sqm and ancillary staff facilities including staff office; (b) Retention of fourth floor layout permitted and constructed under T.P. 04/29135, resulting in a total increase of 4 no. bed spaces, from 147 no. permitted under T.P. 16/37151 t... login required. Details...
    680m 19/09/2019 N/A 54 Douglas Street , Cork Permission for construction of a 2 storey corner in-fill dwelling and associated works.... login required. Details...
    990m 18/09/2019 N/A Oaklodge , 11 Douglas Road , Ballinlough Permission for the refurbishment of Health Service Executive domestic dwelling into 4 no. self-contained apartments, ground floor single storey extension of 7.28sqm to include new apartment entrance and Plant Room to the eastern elevation together with all associated site development works.... login required. Details...
    530m 13/09/2019 N/A No.53 McCurtain Street , Cork Permission for development which will consist of the provision of 2 no. banner signs (4.8m x 0.65m) on the front elevation of Grace Christian Church, no. 53 McCurtain Street, Cork. The proposed development is within the curtilage of Thompson's House, a protected structure (Reference PS188)... login required. Details...
    830m 13/09/2019 N/A 19 Lower John Street , Cork Permission for the change of use of existing commercial premises to use as a single dwelling unit.... login required. Details...
    800m 12/09/2019 N/A Griffith College , (Former St. Vincent's Orphanage/ , St. Patrick's Convent Permission... for change of use of former St. Vincent's Orphanage/St. Patricks Convent for educational use, at Wellington Road, Cork (Protected Structures-RPS No.PS787). The proposal will include; 1) Modifications to existing structure to include two new internal stairs. 2) A new ambulant staircase to be added to the ... login required. Details...
    550m 11/09/2019 N/A 1 St. John's Mews , Douglas Street , Cork Permission for elevational alterations and a single storey extension to the side and rear of an existing dwelling.... login required. Details...
    610m 11/09/2019 N/A 52 South Mall , Cork Permission for retention is being sought at 52 South Mall, Cork by Axa Insurance Ltd. on an existing building which is identified under the NIAHS. Permission for ... login required. Details...
    360m 11/09/2019 N/A Gas Networks Ireland , Gasworks Road , Cork Permission... for the addition of an 80sq/m single storey ground floor extension to the south of the existing office building, alterations to the existing elevations, addition of plant to the roof (including photovoltaic panels) and rear with associated site and ancillary works.... login required. Details...
    930m 28/08/2019 CONDITIONAL 30 Prosperity Square , Barrack Street Permission to demolish existing single storey rear extension, construct new single and two storey extensions to rear, dormer window to front and all associated works to existing dormer style dwelling.... login required. Details...
    460m 26/08/2019 CONDITIONAL 1 George's Quay 1 Buckingham Place , Cork City Permission for change of use from health/medical use to use an office on the ground floor of No 1 Georges Quay/No 1 Buckingham Place is a Protected Structure... login required. Details...
    580m 26/08/2019 N/A "Avoca" , Boreenmanna Road Permission for the demolition of an existing single storey dwelling and construction of a new terraced development at 4 no.2 storey dwellings, separate cover... login required. Details...
  • Geology & Groundwater
    Creative Commons LicenseContains Irish Public Sector Data (Geological Survey) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.

    • Category: Rkd
    • Description: Regionally Important Aquifer - Karstified (diffuse)

    • Unit Name: Waulsortian Limestones
    • Description: Massive unbedded lime-mudstone
    • Labels: CDWAUL / WA

    • Moderate ( M)

    Planning & Development

    Creative Commons LicenseZoning Data is published by Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

    National Parks & Wildlife (NPWS)
    Creative Commons LicenseNPWS Data is published by National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

    Special Area of Conservation:
    • No Results...

    Special Protection Areas:
    • No Results...

    Natural Heritage Areas:
    • No Results...

    Proposed Natural Heritage Areas:
    • No Results...

    Heritage & Conservation
    Creative Commons LicenseMonument & NIAH Building Data is published by National Monuments Service, Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

    National Monuments:

    National Monuments within 100m of the mapped planning point

    • Railway station (RAST) - #CO10792

    National Monument Zones of Notification:

    Is this Planning Point is within a National Monument Zones of Notification? (Section 12 National Monuments Acts 1930 to 2004)

    • No Results...
    National Inventory of Architectural Heritage:

    NIAH Locations within 100m of the mapped planning point

    Name NIAH Ref # Rating / Period Original Use Current Use Protected Structure
    Clontarf Bridge 20508001 (Survey ID: SURV024) Regional, 1910 - 1915 bridge Same as Original N/A
    No Building Name 20508013 (Survey ID: SURV024) Regional, 1860 - 1870 store/warehouse Same as Original N/A
    No Building Name 20508002 (Survey ID: SURV024) Regional, 1870 - 1880 building misc Same as Original N/A
    No Building Name 20508012 (Survey ID: SURV024) Regional, 1850 - 1860 store/warehouse Same as Original N/A
    CIE 20508010 (Survey ID: SURV024) Regional, 1860 - 1870 railway station office N/A
    No Building Name 20508009 (Survey ID: SURV024) Regional, 1880 - 1901 post box Same as Original N/A
    City Hall 20508003 (Survey ID: SURV024) Regional, 1930 - 1940 town/county hall Same as Original N/A

    Roads & Infrastructure

    National Roads & Motorways within 500m of mapped planning point

    National Roads (N) and Motorways (M):
    • M/N08
    • ,
    • M/N22
    • ,
    • M/N27

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