Unknown Status  No. 45 Cookes TerraceBohermore Galway


Jun 27th

Application Received

Aug 15th

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Jan 1st

Decision Due Date
  • Submitted to Galway City Council, 27 / 06 / 2019
  • Application Type: PERMISSION
  • Current Status: New Application
  • Decision Text: n/a
  • Decision Summary: Unknown Status
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Application Summary:
Permission is sought for (1) the provision of a First Floor extension over the existing ground floor extension to the rear e... Signup to read full development description (no card required)
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  • Distance: Received: Decision: Development Address: Development Description:
    970m 10/10/2019 n/a Ballalley LaneGalway Planning permission for development which will consist of the following: Permission for the refurbishment of two no. cottages including the reconstruction of partially collapsed chimney and external wall, internal altera... login required. Details...
    940m 27/09/2019 n/a 'The Imperial Hotel'35 Eyre Square Galway Permission is sought for (1) new bar and restaurant façade at ground floor level, to include raised lettering and associated lighting (2) replacement of existing high level hotel signage to the front elevation, along with all associated works ... login required. Details...
    340m 19/09/2019 Granted (Conditional) 12 Terryland HouseTerryland Retail ParkHeadford RoadGalway Planning permission is being sought by C'est La Vie Limited to retain the ground the use of a floor unit as a café/bakery, and also to retain existing signage at the front of the building ... login required. Details...
    740m 05/09/2019 Granted (Conditional) G Hotel Dublin RoadGalway Planning permission for external alterations. The proposed development consists of external alterations to the external fabric of the building to incorporate 3 no. widows on the southern elevation of the building as well as all associated works... login required. Details...
    910m 12/08/2019 Granted (Conditional) 7 McDonagh TerraceWoodquayGalway Retention is sought for (1) single storey extension to the rear and renovations to existing dwelling house (2) renovations to old shed to rear of the house, along with all associated works,... login required. Details...
    920m 30/07/2019 Granted (Conditional) Hotel Meyrick14-15 Eyre SquareGalway Planning permission for the development will consist of( Protected Structure RPS Ref 3801) (1) Amendments to the ground floor layout including reconfiguration of the bathrooms and creation of a fire escape corridor, (2) Alterations to the existing fenestration and conversion of a window into a doorway at ground floor level on the south-western elevations, (3) Alter... login required. Details...
    880m 22/07/2019 Granted (Conditional) Carpet & Rug CentreLiosban Industrial EstateTuam RoadGalway Permission is sought to make alterations to a existing shop front sign ... login required. Details...
    290m 19/07/2019 n/a Coach HouseCill ArdBohermoreGalway Planning Permission is being sought for the change of use of a ground floor storage area into additional living accommodation comprising of, 4 no. bedrooms, living/games room & amended entrance hall all within the external envelope of the ... login required. Details...
    510m 25/06/2019 Granted (Conditional) Block 3Galway Financial Services CentreMoneenageisha RoadGalway Planning permission for new signage. The development will consist of the erection of a new sign on the front elevation of the building. ... login required. Details...
    980m 14/06/2019 Granted (Unconditional) Ceannt StationStation RoadGalway E.O.D on 14/18: Permission for development at (a protected structure). Northern Elevation: The construction of a new 95 square metres single storey fully accessible glazed entrance building, the extension of the existing North Eastern bay platform, new 2m high boundary treatment to enclose this platform extension. Demolition of the existing lean too single storey building at the North eastern end of station, internal alterations and removal of walls within the train station to provide additional ticket purchase facilities, enlarged concourse areas, new toilet facilities, new ticket inspector accommodation North Eastern side of the station. The removal of the existing steel ramped access to the main station entrance after completion of the level access pedestrian entrances to the southern elevation. The reinstatement of the original step arrangement to the station building. Southern Elevation; CIE Stores and Maintenance Area (a protected structure). The refurbishment of the existing stores and maintenance area to provide 2336 square metres of extended train concourse and platform, new pedestrian entrances, new curved partially glazed roof single span structure to replace existing roof, new openings within the existing South Western... login required. Details...
    890m 14/06/2019 n/a 4 St. Vincent's AvenueWoodquayGalway Permission for extension / alterations to existing building to include: alterations to shop front and provision of new entrance door to first floor accommodation, Change of use of first floor fr... login required. Details...
    890m 14/06/2019 n/a 5 St Vincent's AvenueWoodquayGalway Permission for extension / alterations to existing dwelling house to include construction of new first floor extension (looking onto Corrib Terrace), along with all the ancillary site works and site services... login required. Details...
    180m 13/06/2019 Granted (Conditional) 22 Connolly TerraceBohermore Galway Planning permission for retention for: (a) rear ground and first floor extension to the existing dwelling; (b) front entrance porch to the existing dwelling; (c) vehicular access and off-road car parking spaces to the front of the existing dwelling... login required. Details...
    970m 07/06/2019 n/a 23 Eyre SquareGalway Planning permission is sought for a change of use from Office & residential to tourist accommodation as follows: 1) Demolition of sub- standard additions at rear of terrace. 2) Construction of extension to rear of terrace to include fifteen en-suite b... login required. Details...
    540m 31/05/2019 Refused Headford Road in the townland of TownparksGalway Planning permission for alteration and extension to the existing temporary car park permitted under Pl Ref 17/267. The proposed development includes 94 additional spaces, pay station and associated site works ... login required. Details...
    410m 30/05/2019 Refused Reeva Tanning, 1st Floor unit 1a- 4Terryland Retail ParkGalway Permission for retention of signage to front facade... login required. Details...
    790m 23/05/2019 Granted (Conditional) 4 St. Brendans RoadWoodquayGalway Planning permission is sought for refurbishment and partial change of use from office to residential of an existing three- storey terraced house, including all associated site works... login required. Details...
    90m 20/05/2019 n/a 12 Cookes TerraceBohermore TownsparkGalway City Planning permission for retention and completion of partly constructed extension to rear of dwelling, refurbishing works to existing dwelling internally and externally, relocation of front entrance door from sun room to front of dwelling in lieu of existing window, and planning permis... login required. Details...
    960m 17/05/2019 Granted (Conditional) No. 17Eyre SquareGalway Permission to reinstate existing lobby doors in new timber frame & replace/reinstate timber linings/ architraves, fit lectromagnetic locking mechanism with c... login required. Details...
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